Yesterday: bad, today: great, tomorrow… probably bad.

Yesterday was a very very bad day. I’m not going to go into details because it would be a short book, but trust me it was one of the worst days I have had in recent times.

Today was great though! Well, for the most part. I will itemize the good and the bad for you:


  • Reached one of my short term weight goals.
  • Got the lawn mowed.
  • Fit into a shirt I haven’t been able to wear for a while.
  • Went to my first therapy session.
  • Went to Gulley Park to let Jonah play with his friend Micah and we had a blast.
  • Walked around the mall a little with Jules and Jonah.
  • Had pizza made with naan bread. YUMMY!
  • Got to hear my son laugh so much and so hard from me running around the house acting like a turkey that lost his mind!
  • Got to have a really nice dinner with Jules and watch definitely, maybe.


  • Missed turning in three assignments because I chose to spend time with my son today instead of having a very stressful day of trying to fit a weeks worth of reading in three classes into one day. Which has confirmed my decision to drop out of school until at least Jonah starts school.



This is a happy face, not a sad face.


Tomorrow will be a very stressful bad day as I try to complete a big project and play catch up so I don’t completely fail these classes…


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