Napster, Nike+, Music Tuesday: Cave In – Trepanning

I currently have 6 months of free Napster and 25 of their credits to buy music. I got it because my Best Buy rewards zone thing got upgraded to their premium silver rewards zone thing when I bought Julie and I our iMacs. I don’t think I would ever pay a monthly fee for Napster, but I am enjoying it while I have it. The interesting/crappy thing I have notice about Napster is that it doesn’t seem to distinguish between a full length album and an EP when you are buying music. You can buy an individual track for 1 credit ($1) or the entire album for 9-10 credits. So it doesn’t matter if it is a 14 track album or a 2 track EP they would have you pay 9-10 credits… But if the album is under 10 tracks you can just buy the songs individually and significantly less in the case of the 2 track EP. I checked on iTunes and it seems Apple does distinguish between full albums and EPs. Napster needs to get their shit together on that because that could cost people a lot of money if they don’t realize they can just buy the tracks individually.

Also from buying our iMacs I got my reward zone points up to the point of having $50 in reward zone gift cards. So I decided to buy up the Nike+ sensors for our phones so we could track our walking. I’m pretty excited about it because for me it really helps keep me motivated when I can see my progress over time. Also when I get my weight down I want to start jogging and running so this will help me track that progress over time. You can upload your data to the Nike+ website and it will apparently chart out your walks/runs for you. I’ll do a follow up review later after we have used them some.

For music Tuesday I have chosen a track off of Cave In’s Perfect Pitch Black album called Trepanning. I love this album so much, but I know it is not something everyone will like (even if you love Cave In). Anyway, enjoy! (maybe)



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