I’m only one person…

While Julie was growing Jonah and when he was very little I always talked about things I wanted to make sure I did with Jonah that it seems many people ignore.

One of the big things is that it seems like most people don’t take the time to let their kids feel important. I see people in the grocery store all the time ignoring their children or dismissing them when they are trying to show their parent something. Or parents who wont let their kids “help” them because it will make whatever they are doing take longer. I hate seeing this and I did not want to do that to Jonah.

Sadly I am already falling into that. Jonah is currently in a phase where he wants to grab us by the finger and lead us around the house. I am not sure what he is doing or showing us, but I assume he does. Sadly lately I have been telling him “I can’t do that right now” far more than I am letting him do that. I hate that I am doing that and I can’t let it continue and I especially can’t let it get worse.

The problem is I am at work for more than 48 hours (with drive times) every week monday through Thursday. In addition to that I am also in school right now. I am taking four classing online at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Which I am finding it very difficult to keep up with.

In the rare case of having some down time I am really trying to keep up with learning piano and I enjoy being able to watch a little TV with Julie before bed, of course those usually happen after Jonah is in bed.

The bottom line is I have too much on my plate… I have to get rid of something…

So I have decided to look into dropping one of my classes and from now on I am only going to take two classes at a time. This is going to double my time to graduation, but I just refuse to miss out on time with Jonah. He is and should be my number one priority in life.


2 thoughts on “I’m only one person…

  1. I know what you mean about those parents that you see who act like their children are such a burden. It makes me so angry. But you and Julie are amazing parents and you can tell that Jonah knows he is VERY loved. He’s such a sweetie!

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