You win some, you lose some. Apple + – 1

So now that I am a few days into my iPhone 4 ownership I would like to point out one thing I am loving and one thing I HATE.

First what I am loving. I have to use a bluetooth device while at work if I want to talk on the phone. If i got in a wreck while on the phone and I was not using a handsfree device I would be immediately fired. When I had my Motorola Droid I tried a few different bluetooth devices and all of them had the problem where I could not hear people very well. I finally settled on the  Jabra Extreme because it allowed me to listen to my music over the bluetooth. The odd thing was that when playing music I often had to turn it down from max volume because it was too loud, but when I was in a call I had to max it out and still had trouble hearing the other person. I thought this had to do with the quality of the audio source or something and learned to deal with it. Also when I would get a call the bluetooth would make a chime in my ear which was nice because I normally could not hear the ringtone over music and vehicle noise, and if I got a text message while listening to music the audio would dip out for a second to let me know I got a message.

Then I got my iPhone 4 and realized how all bluetooth enabled devices are not created equal. First thing I noticed was the audio in a call was just as loud as my music audio! Score one for Apple! Also I noticed when I get a call my bluetooth now plays the actual ringtone and when I get a text message it plays the tone for that even if I am in a call. So I am pretty happy with that. For the first time in a long time I can hear most people with ease on the phone!

Now what I dislike about this phone. Apple has made it such a pain in the ass to organize your photos on the iPhone 4. To my understanding if you want photo albums you have to import them into iPhoto, create an album in iPhoto, and then sync that album to the phone via iTunes. Ok that is a pain in the ass round about way of doing it but that is fine. The problem I am now finding is that I don’t know how to retrieve photos from the iPhone that are in an album. If I pull up iPhoto it only shows photos in the camera roll and the same thing for Image Capture. I have searched google in many different ways and have found no answers. This makes me really unhappy because I take a lot of my photos of my son on my phone and I like to organize them by month and year. If I can’t later retrieve them this is just bad news. Also is there not a way to have iTunes automatically sync your camera pictures to your mac?

I did find a way to mount your phone as a drive on your mac, but it didn’t work well for me. While I was browsing the files trying to find where my album photos were stored finder started showing that there was no files on the drive… I don’t know why this was happening, but decided I didn’t want to be poking around on my phone anyway and reversed the method for mounting the phone.

Anyone have any ideas how to retrieve photo albums off my phone because this is a bad bad thing for me.   😦


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