An Apple a Day…

I’ve been an Android user for 16 months and was always a big fan of Android during that time. However as time went on the performance of my phone just kept going down. Julie also had the same types of problems with her phone and we have the same phones.

Julie and I just got tired of our phones not working properly all the time and decided to upgrade. After switching from Windows to Mac and seeing the major difference we decided to give the iPhone a try. I have had it less than 24 hours but here is a little run down of what I like about it and what I dislike about it so far.

  • Performance: Just like with my iMac the iPhone is just a smooth running device. I experience very little delay when selecting apps and performing tasks on my phone. With Android there was times of significant lag. I don’t remember how my Android phone was when I first got it so we will have to wait and see how the iPhone ages.
  • Netflix: I can watch my Netflix instant on my phone! The cool thing is I can do it even when on 3G. I figured it would require wi-fi.
  • Apps: Yes, Android has tons of apps, but the number of professionally made apps seems lacking.
  • KUAF: KUAF has an iPhone app and I know I will use the heck out of that!
  • Numberkey: My iMac keyboard does not have a ten key on it. This made me very very sad, but now I don’t need to be sad. With the Numberkey app I can turn my iPhone into a ten key!
  • Syncing: I can easily setup my mail with syncing and I can sync my calendar easily too.


  • Just like with my iMac somethings just aren’t the way you are used to and sometimes seem to just not make sense.
  • Photos/camera roll: In the photos app you can’t easily make albums to sort your photos. It seems like you can’t even easily add albums using iPhoto either. You also can’t seem to move photos around without the use of your computer and iTunes, and I haven’t even really figured that out. I also don’t really understand how to just backup my photos to a folder on my mac.
  • Keyboard: My Droid had a physical keyboard. I know I will get used to not having it, but I miss it at times already.
  • Control: It really feels like you don’t have much control over your phone. Especially in the case of the photos problem.
  • Quitting apps: Apps don’t have a clear way of leaving them always. Take Pandora for instance, I guess to leave the app you just pause it and then go back to your home screen… So is it always running and using battery?

So that’s a little of my first impression. I would say it is overall a positive experience and I am really enjoying my new phone. However, not having control of my photos is a big deal! I am very paranoid about my photos getting lost and one of the ways I prevent that is to have very clear organization, but I just can’t figure it out yet.


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