…and this little piggy… (a.k.a. fatty fatty two-by-four)

GAH! I am so sick of being fat and addicted to food. Yeah, addicted. Every time I try to lose weight I go through the same anguish I did when I quit smoking. The anger, anxiety, and the lying to myself and others, it’s all there!

I have tried many ways to lose weight and some have worked really well, but only for a relatively short period of time.

This is such a horrible place to be and I hate it.

I don’t want to be like Celia Hodes but I will not let Jonah be a fat kid, and don’t you think for a second that is a mean/bad thing to say. Sure there are tons of happy fat people (no pun intended), but you cannot argue for one second the health consequences of the added weight a lot of Americans carry around. I have to lose this weight soon so I can really stress the importance of fitness without being a hypocrite.

If I ever want to lose weight and keep it off I need to start eating real food. No counting calories while eating food that is a mass of glued back together mystery ingredients. I need to eat real, fresh, natural food. The problem is getting me to the point where I can easily make the right decisions… This won’t be an easy journey, but over time I think I can do it… First step is to stop drinking soda again. From now on nothing but water and unsweet tea for me. Now to figure out the food part…


3 thoughts on “…and this little piggy… (a.k.a. fatty fatty two-by-four)

  1. I love your Celia Hodes reference. But I know what you mean, I try my hardest to make sure my kids eat healthier than I do! Like I drink soda all the time but I have NEVER let Micah drink it!

    • When they’re young it’s easy to make them eat better than us. I am just worried about when Jonah gets old enough to start asking why I can have stuff he can’t, and I won’t have a good answer. 😦

      I don’t even really want Jonah to have juices either (too easy to get too much sugar). I would be very happy if all he drank was water and tea when he gets older. I know people may think he is being deprived or something, but you can’t miss what you never had. Plus right now he just doesn’t want anything but water and milk so I just want to keep it like that.

  2. Hey Aaron. I’m just now reading this. What a courageous post! You know, there is a lot of truth in what you said and I think a lot of people can relate to it. I think it’s awesome that you want Jonah to grow up healthy as can be. I’ve read that kids form their best eating habits in the first few years of life, so Jonah is off to a great start. It can be really daunting to partake in such a lifestyle change (which is what I call it – I hate the word diet because diets never last & always seem like a fad). You can do it, but try not to be hard on yourself. I think the easiest way is babysteps, like with the no soda. I don’t know if you eat fast food, but you move forward by saying no more fast food even if it’s only the vegetarian option off the menu. It’s about breaking those old habits and creating new habits/ways of eating and preparing foods. Once you master a couple of babysteps you will feel really proud of yourself and look back on how it was hard at first but now it is easy to not want those things anymore. Another babystep would be not to buy boxed (processed) items at the grocery store. Instead of buying the mac and cheese in the box, learn to make it homemade. Instead of buying the creamy Parmesan noodles in a box, get some angel hair pasta, Parmesan, herbs, lemon or lime (squeeze for the juice), a little milk and you have a dish. Eating deliciously AND healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up things like butter, cream, cheese, etc. It just means learning how to portion and to use whole ingredients instead of things out of boxes and packets. Babysteps all the way!

    I love water and that is my main drink every day. I maybe have a glass of milk or juice, but water is my go to all the time. I also love hot tea. I don’t even put any sugar or honey in it. I just love different flavors of hot tea and find that is a treat for me. I am with you on the juice for kids. Juice has tons of sugar in it. Most 8 ounce portions have like 16-28 grams of sugar! Sometimes I will pour in about 3 or 4 ounces of juice with the rest water to dilute it for Bro. But he has now gotten to where he likes having water so he picks water over juice now at times. He also is a milk drinker. Anyway, you can do it! Babysteps. And perhaps keep a food log of what you eat. That way you can see that for breakfast you ate a processed muffin from the store, but at lunch you had a sandwich from home with an apple and carrot stick and at dinner you and Julie made pasta together. You know, whatever. Just log it so you can see that I ate this much processed and this much homemade/fresh. But realize it is almost impossible for anyone to go cold turkey on all processed stuff at once. So don’t feel bad! I’ve been there!!! I still get in a rut once in a while and then I eat bad for a couple days and wonder why I did that because it makes me feel like utter crap. Your body will change and will no longer tolerate grease, fast food, processed stuff and your bowel movements will get upset eventually when you slide and get into an old rut. I know that is gross, but it is the truth. Also, when you start eating more straight fresh fruits and veggies, your bowels will become softer and probably more frequent. This is a very good thing.

    Sorry that I went from food to poop, haha. But these are things that people don’t talk about and they should. People should know what to kind of expect and how to go about it, deal with it, etc. Good luck, Aaron!!!

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