New iMac!

Julie and I finally decided to make the investment and buy ourselves iMacs. I have always been told that macs were better, but the price tag of a mac was always out of my reach. However, it seems like every year or two one of us is either having to upgrade part of our computer or replacing it completely. So I thought it was time to make the switch and see how much better macs were and if they will last longer.

I bought them for us on Tuesday on my lunch break and ran home to try to set them up before I had to go back to work. Right out of the box I was very impressed with how easy it was to get them unboxed and ready to go. You can get from completely boxed up to set up and playing in just like 10 minutes! it was impressive!

We are using wireless internet so the only cord to the mac is the power cord. This is a major bonus for us, especially with Jonah! So far I am loving just about everything about my mac, but it has really made me feel like an idiot. I am having to relearn how to do so much, but as I get used to the different ways of doing things I am really liking it more than my PC. One major difference I have noticed is it seems that mac transfers files much faster than PC does.

I think the only CON I am seeing with this mac is a slight yellowing on the bottom of the screen and a bit darker yellowing in one specific spot on the bottom left of the screen. I have done some research and it seems like this is a wide spread issue that hasn’t seemed to be able to be resolved. Maybe this is just an issue with LED monitors? As long as it doesn’t get worse I think I can live with it. I don’t really want to take it back if another iMac will have the same issue. Especially since I just got pretty much everything set up!


2 thoughts on “New iMac!

  1. ahhhh! i love my mac! (and miss it too… it’s in the shop *sniff*)

    you’ll get the hang of it in NO time.. you’ll never want a PC again.

    If you guys need the hook-up on good open source software for mac, just let me know. you can literally find anything you need for free. šŸ™‚

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