No day like snow day.

The snow this week has put me out of work for two days now, and I don’t see me being able to go tomorrow either. This is kind of nice in some ways, and really crappy in others.

I worked Monday before everything hit, but I only had about 6 hours of paid time off to cover the so far 24 hours of work I have missed. If I don’t get to go tomorrow it will be 36 hours of work missed (30 of those unpaid). That is going to be a crappy paycheck for sure. I guess on the bright side I just received my student loan money and will be getting tax return money some time (I guess I should do my taxes soon).

You would think that I would be able to get a bunch of school work done in these two days, but no, no I didn’t. Yesterday we were all very tired and every time I tried to read I would just start falling asleep. Plus Julie had assignments she had to get done so the first half of the day I was watching over Jonah. Today I don’t even know where the day has gone. It doesn’t seem like it should be this late. I tried reading my school stuff but kept falling asleep so I decided to take a nap. That was probably the most productive thing I have done all day!

If I am out of work tomorrow I am going to have to buckle down and read all my stuff and get my assignments done… I hope…


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