Falling behind…

I’m working on finding out everything I need to know to drop my philosophy class, but even with that load off my plate I still feel overloaded.

I’m having a really hard time getting motivated to do my reading because it seems like I am so far behind. It is especially hard because I am a slow reader. It’s not that I don’t know the words I am reading or don’t understand the concepts that are being talked about. It’s many reasons really. For instance it is very hard for me to find a comfortable position to read in that won’t lead to a sore neck or back or something. If I get too comfortable while reading I end up just falling asleep. It is very hard for me to focus on reading. My mind is always racing from one thought to the next. It seems like I always have stuff that I have to figure out like budget/bills, work, finding ways to move stuff around the house so that Jonah can’t get to them and break them or get hurt, or sometimes just random crap. When I do clear my mind and try to read it is still hard because sometimes it is hard to focus on the words on the page and sometimes I have to reread lines because they didn’t make sense only to find that I inserted words into the sentence that were not really there.

Since I’m so behind I keep finding myself just reading enough to complete the assignments and make a half-assed attempt at doing my discussion posts. I hate doing this because I know it will bite me in the ass later, but I don’t really have much of a choice.

It also really doesn’t help that Jonah has been waking up anywhere between 3:30 and 5:00 am lately. It just really kills productivity around here.

I am just hoping that I can manage a pretty good grade in these classes so they don’t mess up my GPA too bad.


I’m only one person…

While Julie was growing Jonah and when he was very little I always talked about things I wanted to make sure I did with Jonah that it seems many people ignore.

One of the big things is that it seems like most people don’t take the time to let their kids feel important. I see people in the grocery store all the time ignoring their children or dismissing them when they are trying to show their parent something. Or parents who wont let their kids “help” them because it will make whatever they are doing take longer. I hate seeing this and I did not want to do that to Jonah.

Sadly I am already falling into that. Jonah is currently in a phase where he wants to grab us by the finger and lead us around the house. I am not sure what he is doing or showing us, but I assume he does. Sadly lately I have been telling him “I can’t do that right now” far more than I am letting him do that. I hate that I am doing that and I can’t let it continue and I especially can’t let it get worse.

The problem is I am at work for more than 48 hours (with drive times) every week monday through Thursday. In addition to that I am also in school right now. I am taking four classing online at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Which I am finding it very difficult to keep up with.

In the rare case of having some down time I am really trying to keep up with learning piano and I enjoy being able to watch a little TV with Julie before bed, of course those usually happen after Jonah is in bed.

The bottom line is I have too much on my plate… I have to get rid of something…

So I have decided to look into dropping one of my classes and from now on I am only going to take two classes at a time. This is going to double my time to graduation, but I just refuse to miss out on time with Jonah. He is and should be my number one priority in life.

You win some, you lose some. Apple + – 1

So now that I am a few days into my iPhone 4 ownership I would like to point out one thing I am loving and one thing I HATE.

First what I am loving. I have to use a bluetooth device while at work if I want to talk on the phone. If i got in a wreck while on the phone and I was not using a handsfree device I would be immediately fired. When I had my Motorola Droid I tried a few different bluetooth devices and all of them had the problem where I could not hear people very well. I finally settled on the  Jabra Extreme because it allowed me to listen to my music over the bluetooth. The odd thing was that when playing music I often had to turn it down from max volume because it was too loud, but when I was in a call I had to max it out and still had trouble hearing the other person. I thought this had to do with the quality of the audio source or something and learned to deal with it. Also when I would get a call the bluetooth would make a chime in my ear which was nice because I normally could not hear the ringtone over music and vehicle noise, and if I got a text message while listening to music the audio would dip out for a second to let me know I got a message.

Then I got my iPhone 4 and realized how all bluetooth enabled devices are not created equal. First thing I noticed was the audio in a call was just as loud as my music audio! Score one for Apple! Also I noticed when I get a call my bluetooth now plays the actual ringtone and when I get a text message it plays the tone for that even if I am in a call. So I am pretty happy with that. For the first time in a long time I can hear most people with ease on the phone!

Now what I dislike about this phone. Apple has made it such a pain in the ass to organize your photos on the iPhone 4. To my understanding if you want photo albums you have to import them into iPhoto, create an album in iPhoto, and then sync that album to the phone via iTunes. Ok that is a pain in the ass round about way of doing it but that is fine. The problem I am now finding is that I don’t know how to retrieve photos from the iPhone that are in an album. If I pull up iPhoto it only shows photos in the camera roll and the same thing for Image Capture. I have searched google in many different ways and have found no answers. This makes me really unhappy because I take a lot of my photos of my son on my phone and I like to organize them by month and year. If I can’t later retrieve them this is just bad news. Also is there not a way to have iTunes automatically sync your camera pictures to your mac?

I did find a way to mount your phone as a drive on your mac, but it didn’t work well for me. While I was browsing the files trying to find where my album photos were stored finder started showing that there was no files on the drive… I don’t know why this was happening, but decided I didn’t want to be poking around on my phone anyway and reversed the method for mounting the phone.

Anyone have any ideas how to retrieve photo albums off my phone because this is a bad bad thing for me.   😦

An Apple a Day…

I’ve been an Android user for 16 months and was always a big fan of Android during that time. However as time went on the performance of my phone just kept going down. Julie also had the same types of problems with her phone and we have the same phones.

Julie and I just got tired of our phones not working properly all the time and decided to upgrade. After switching from Windows to Mac and seeing the major difference we decided to give the iPhone a try. I have had it less than 24 hours but here is a little run down of what I like about it and what I dislike about it so far.

  • Performance: Just like with my iMac the iPhone is just a smooth running device. I experience very little delay when selecting apps and performing tasks on my phone. With Android there was times of significant lag. I don’t remember how my Android phone was when I first got it so we will have to wait and see how the iPhone ages.
  • Netflix: I can watch my Netflix instant on my phone! The cool thing is I can do it even when on 3G. I figured it would require wi-fi.
  • Apps: Yes, Android has tons of apps, but the number of professionally made apps seems lacking.
  • KUAF: KUAF has an iPhone app and I know I will use the heck out of that!
  • Numberkey: My iMac keyboard does not have a ten key on it. This made me very very sad, but now I don’t need to be sad. With the Numberkey app I can turn my iPhone into a ten key!
  • Syncing: I can easily setup my mail with syncing and I can sync my calendar easily too.


  • Just like with my iMac somethings just aren’t the way you are used to and sometimes seem to just not make sense.
  • Photos/camera roll: In the photos app you can’t easily make albums to sort your photos. It seems like you can’t even easily add albums using iPhoto either. You also can’t seem to move photos around without the use of your computer and iTunes, and I haven’t even really figured that out. I also don’t really understand how to just backup my photos to a folder on my mac.
  • Keyboard: My Droid had a physical keyboard. I know I will get used to not having it, but I miss it at times already.
  • Control: It really feels like you don’t have much control over your phone. Especially in the case of the photos problem.
  • Quitting apps: Apps don’t have a clear way of leaving them always. Take Pandora for instance, I guess to leave the app you just pause it and then go back to your home screen… So is it always running and using battery?

So that’s a little of my first impression. I would say it is overall a positive experience and I am really enjoying my new phone. However, not having control of my photos is a big deal! I am very paranoid about my photos getting lost and one of the ways I prevent that is to have very clear organization, but I just can’t figure it out yet.

…and this little piggy… (a.k.a. fatty fatty two-by-four)

GAH! I am so sick of being fat and addicted to food. Yeah, addicted. Every time I try to lose weight I go through the same anguish I did when I quit smoking. The anger, anxiety, and the lying to myself and others, it’s all there!

I have tried many ways to lose weight and some have worked really well, but only for a relatively short period of time.

This is such a horrible place to be and I hate it.

I don’t want to be like Celia Hodes but I will not let Jonah be a fat kid, and don’t you think for a second that is a mean/bad thing to say. Sure there are tons of happy fat people (no pun intended), but you cannot argue for one second the health consequences of the added weight a lot of Americans carry around. I have to lose this weight soon so I can really stress the importance of fitness without being a hypocrite.

If I ever want to lose weight and keep it off I need to start eating real food. No counting calories while eating food that is a mass of glued back together mystery ingredients. I need to eat real, fresh, natural food. The problem is getting me to the point where I can easily make the right decisions… This won’t be an easy journey, but over time I think I can do it… First step is to stop drinking soda again. From now on nothing but water and unsweet tea for me. Now to figure out the food part…