The first of many.

Julie and I have been wanting to get out of our house for a while and into something a little bigger. Currently our house is 1,020 sqft. It has 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom. We would really like to get into a 3 bedroom 2 (or 1.5) bathroom house. Unfortunately while it is a great time to buy a house it is a crappy time to try to sell. So our only choice now it try to make this house work for us on our very limited budget.

So we have started trying to figure out what we can/have to do to be able to hold out a few more years here. One of the major things is that right now the only room that is baby proof is the living room. So we have been pretty much just living out of the living room. Two adults, one toddler, and one dog who loves to be in your face all living in one room is not fun at all! The problem is that because of all the stuff we have, and the complete lack of space for it all, it is very difficult to baby proof the rest of the house.

So today I embarked on an adventure to open up some more living space that was available to Jonah so we weren’t so packed in all the time. I worked on getting what I guess you would call the dining room open. I feel like I did a good job, but for some reason I decided to use my phone to take the pictures even though we have 2 great cameras in this house…  Also with future projects I will be careful to do the same shots for before and after shots so you can see the difference better. Anyway enough talking here are some poorly taken before and after shots.

Apparently when I am using the wordpress photo uploader I can only have one gallery. So the before and after shots are all together. The after shots start with Jonah.


There is still some cleaning up and organizing to do (isn’t there always), but it is a good start. I think next I am going to try to paint the kitchen cabinets, refinish the counter tops, and put up a tile back splash. There will be better pictures on the next projects I promise!


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