Snow day!

This morning before I left for work I decided to ask my boss how the roads were and if I should head in to work now or later. He said it was up to me when/if I wanted to come in. So I decided to take a snow day.

My goal for today is to complete all the reading assigned for this week in my classes and hopefully get most of my discussion questions done.  This would leave me to only have to make my follow up discussion postings and answer a couple of questions out of my Sociology book. If I can get all that done today then hopefully I can spend all of Friday and Sunday with Jonah and spend Saturday reading the chapters for next week. If I can keep ahead on my reading each week then I may not have to miss out on too much Jonah time.

In other news snow day = me having to be cautious not to get the munchies and bl0w my diet. This may require some nap time!


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