Today is a very big day for me, Julie, and Jonah (he just doesn’t know it).

This morning while Julie was getting ready for the day I was playing with Jonah in the living room. He started to seem really tired and was laying his head down a lot. Up until today any time he took a nap we had to hold him and rock him to sleep. He will not nap in his crib and would not lay down on his Toy Story couch/bed. However, today I thought he might just do it. So I pulled out his Toy Story couch/bed and layed it out in the bed form and started to ask Jonah if he wanted to take a nap. I had already given him his piglet stuffed animal and when I asked if he wanted to take a nap he went over to the bookshelf his blanket was on and brought it over to me.

I got him to get on the bed and he started to try to get comfortable, but couldn’t seem to find that sweet spot. He kept getting fussy about the way his blanket was around him and just wouldn’t settle down. By this time Julie was out of the shower and I was worried she would come in and mess it up (no offense Julie). So I told her not to come in the living room because I was trying something out.

After a while of trying he just wasn’t seeming like he would actually nap. So I asked Julie to grab me his Scout bedtime stuffed animal and his Bob the Builder pillow. I adjusted his bed into a different placement had got his area set up like his crib is. He layed down and after maybe 10-15 minutes went to sleep. I didn’t have to rock him or even talk him to sleep. All I did was press the paw of Scout to have him do his songs and stuff. I sat at the head of the bed and he just went to sleep. I know this is not the most ideal way to get him to take his naps since he still needed me there but this is a BIG step in the right direction!! I had to quickly get ready for work and head out the door (back door actually), but Julie said he slept for like an hour and fifteen minutes if I remember correctly.

She tried the same method for his second nap and had some success with it also, but I will let her tell you about it over at her blog.


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