It’s all or nothing!

It amazes me how easy it is for me to follow my diet when I am tracking everything and counting calories. Sometimes I have trouble getting up to my daily calorie goal. However, if I know I am going to have a meal that I can’t track everything just goes down hill, FAST!

Today at Wal*Mart I got this awesome kettle corn stuff with cinnamon and sugar. It was kind of a high calorie snack, but I figured I would have it on those days that I am running low on calories. I had a serving of it this afternoon to try it out and all was well. I had plenty of calories for the rest of the day. Then we found out that we were going to go to Mojitos  for dinner with Julie’s parents. Knowing that I couldn’t really track my food there I decided to have just a little bit more of that kettle corn… Before I knew it I had eaten the whole bag, oops. If I had stopped there all still would have been well, but of course we then went to eat. At dinner I pigged out on chips and salsa, and didn’t have a very good (in nutrition, not taste!) meal either.

As long as I stick strictly to my set rules I am fine, but when I break a rule my addiction kicks in and I am screwed! Then the guilt sets in…


6 thoughts on “It’s all or nothing!

  1. David is the same way! He will go days where he does really good on his diet but once he tries to splurge a little on something yummy he goes overboard!

    • I may have to try the guilt-free meal idea. I am currently dieting by counting calories, but I think I could one day a week only eat 2/3 of my calories and then at dinner eat a free meal. If I did it for lunch I know I would just blow the whole day.

      My brother usually has a whole free day when he diets. He says it helps your metabolism not get lazy, but after a whole day of eating anything I want it is just too depressing stepping on the scale… and I can’t not check my weight, lol!

    • I try not to eat any cereal. I have never found a cereal that leaves me satisfied for long, but cocoa krispies would be hard to pass up!

      Thanks for the encouragement. Losing weight is a hard thing to do without support.

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